Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Paradophilus made from?
    A. Paradophilus is made from naturally occurring bacteria found in many foods such as milk and cheese. These bacteria are "acidophilus" strains, which means "acid loving," and are safe and healthy.

  2. Does Paradophilus contain any milk products?
    A. NO, there is no dairy or milk products in this product.

  3. Is Paradophilus safe for children?
    A. Yes, Paradophilus can be used with all ages and is safe for eyes, ears and skin use as well.

  4. Are there any side-effects from taking Paradophilus?
    A. There can occasionally be some degree of "die-off" caused by Paradophilus from its effect on various infective agents. These include headache, diarrhea, sluggishness, etc. If this occurs, you are moving too fast and should decrease your application till symptoms subside.

  5. Is Paradophilus a drug, like anti-biotics?
    A. NO! Paradophilus is a natural food product and contains no synthetic drugs. It contains Filtered water, Lactobacillus Paracase/Curvatus/Acidophilus and byproducts, natural sugar (not white cane sugar) and carbohydrate residue, natural color. No additives, preservatives or other unnatural ingredients are added.

  6. Has Paradophilus been clinically or lab tested?
    A. Paradophilus has been lab tested and shown to be very effective against pathogenic organisms such as salmonella, E-Coli, etc. Further testing is planned to establish efficacy. Clinical testing is also planned with complete lab results to be published.

  7. Can Paradophilus be taken with food?
    A. For best results, Paradophilus should be taken on an empty stomach, at least 15 minutes before eating and 2 hours after eating.

  8. What is the bacteria count in Paradophilus?
    A. Paradophilus is NOT a full spectrum probiotic. It is a liquid which is derived FROM bacteria through a proprietary process. We harvest the beneficial by-products of the friendly strains we use and it is THIS which does the work. Although there are still bacteria in this product which are beneficial to the stomach and digestive system, it is the fluid which is the key. We recommend and full spectrum probiotic along with Paradophilus.

  9. Will Paradophilus interfere with any other supplement or medication I may have to take?
    A. NO! Paradophilus is a natural food substance and will not cause any interference with medications.

  10. Once I have gone through the protocol, what is a good maintenance application?
    A. 1-3 sprays, or more, once a day is a good maintenance level. If you should be traveling or work around large numbers of people regularly, it would be good to up the level during those times.

  11. How do I take Paradophilus if I am at work and have to keep it refrigerated?
    A. Paradophilus keeps best refrigerated, however, using a small spray bottle at work is fine. The fact that it isn't refrigerated for a time won't affect the potency. You will use 2 ounces in a week or so, depending on your level of use, and this amount of time won't cause any degradation.

  12. How long will Paradophilus keep unrefrigerated?
    A. Paradophilus can keep for many months unrefrigerated, but since it is a living food, (bacteria, enzymes, nutrients, and active anti-infective agents, we recommend it be kept cold where possible.

  13. Is Paradophilus FDA approved?
    A. The FDA does not approve products. Because Paradophilus is a natural probiotic, it falls under the GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) listing and is not regulated like a drug would be.

    Please Email: contactus(at)paradophilus(dot)com, or call - 970-731-9724 - if you have other questions.

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